New features in NTFS Security Auditor v2.2

Centralized SQL database

Configure the database settings with the NTFS Configuration wizard to create a new database called ‘NTFS Security Auditor’ for storing each installation of NTFS Security Auditor in separate tables. The table names are prefixed with the computer name that is running the application. Thus, each installation of NTFS Security Auditor will deploy its own tables based on the computer where NTFS Security Auditor is installed.

Example: If the software is installed on 3 different computers, then 3 different tables will be created inside a single database and each installed application will generate reports separately independent of each other.

Figure #1: Configuration wizard showing the database settings

database settings

Export reports to SQL format

In SQL export format, the information is stored as SQL tables in the application database in the specified SQL
Server based on the selected SQL database option. For each report, a separate table with a name same as the report will be created.

Figure #2: SQL option checked for exporting reports

export settings

If you are interested in new version of NTFS Security Auditor v2.2, please follow the link below to download the software.