New Product – Vyapin’s “Exchange Message Log Reporter”

Extracting intelligence from Message Tracking logs in Exchange is now made easy with Vyapin’s “Exchange Message Log Reporter”

An Overview

Vyapin’s new product – “Exchange Message Log Reporter” is a powerful solution for Exchange Message tracking and log reporting addressing data collection for all or selective mail transactions by reading the message log for the administrative group and Exchange organization. The information includes Mail transaction Date & Time, Client IP, Client Host Name, Server IP, Server Host Name, Source Context, Connector ID, Source, Event ID, Internal Message ID, Message ID, Recipient Address, Recipient Status, Total Bytes, Recipient Count, Related Recipient Address, Reference, Message Subject, Sender Address, Return Path, Message Info, Directionality, Tenant ID, Original Client IP and Original Server IP.


Built-in reports:

The useful built-in reports provide detailed information on all or specific users’ mail transactions in a more easy, and customized manner.

Data Collector Wizard:

The application uses a Data Collector to collect the mail transaction data from exchange log files with options to collect data immediately for a given date range or later at specified time intervals.

Data Collection history:

This wizard provides the ability to view past data collection history from exchange servers.

Informative reports:

  • Captures data about all and specific mail transactions for the desired servers
  • Enables to track – Who sends What to Whom & When (given the date range)
  • Assists in analyzing the mail content’s importance and regulate unnecessary traffic in the exchange server environment.
  • Helps to measure the server’s performance

Task Manager:

Run the reports either immediately or at scheduled intervals

Report Views:

The reports can be viewed with the custom fields grouped by or ordered on any desired field. New views can be created or existing views can be modified or deleted.

Report options:

Various reporting options such as Find, Filter & Refresh are some of the other features included in this new product.

  • Find – Any data can be searched in the report output using the ‘Find’ keyword
  • Refresh – Reload the current information with this option.
  • Filter – Sender mails, Recipients mails, Distribution groups/lists can be applied with report criteria to filter the information

Delivery options:

Report delivery options are some of the interesting aspects of this application

  • Export – The reports can be exported to any file format (TIFF / MDB / XLS / CSV / PDF / HTML).
  • Email – Different users can receive the reports via email.
  • Print – Redirecting reports to printers is also possible as required.

Here are some illustrations to experience the application better.

Screen Shot #1: Built-in reports

Screen Shot #2: Report options – Filter

Screen Shot #3: Export option

Screen Shot #4: Print option

Screen Shot #5: Email option

Screen Shot #6: Report Views

Screen Shot #7: The Data collector wizard

Screen Shot #8: The Data Collection history

Screen Shot #9: The Schedule task manager

Screen Shot #10: Task History wizard

  • Collect all or selective mail transactions with powerful built-in reports
  • The data collected can be reported in different views
  • Apply Filter options to screen the mail transactions
  • Various report delivery options such as Email, Print & Export
  • Track unnecessary mail transactions by analyzing the message traffic in the Exchange environment
  • Archive data collection for future analysis
  • Data collection can be done immediately or at scheduled intervals using the Schedule task manager

If you are interested, please follow the link below to download a 15-day trial version of ARK for Exchange Server software.