NTFS Security Management Suite with improved performance and features

Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite has been released with performance improvement and addition of new feature to manage the share permissions of network shares in the file servers.

Manage Share Permissions:

The Manage Share Permissions feature allows you to manage the share permissions for a set of network share(s). This feature will help the system administrators to manage the share permissions across windows file servers based on certain rules.

The following screen depicts the list of rules that can be used to manage share permissions:

Rules for managing share permissions

Revoke all existing permissions for accounts and replace them with new permissions:

This option introduced in the Revoke Permissions feature helps the user to revoke all existing permissions and replace them with new permissions for the selected accounts. This option will load the existing NTFS permissions for the selected share(s) to see who have access to what permissions and enables the user to replace them with new permissions to the selected accounts.

Revoke permissions wizard

NTFS Security Auditor

One of the most common issues that happens with share(s) containing a large volume of folders and files is that report generation time is longer than expected. However, in this version multi-threading has been introduced in all reports in the Built-in Reports and Power Search feature, so that reporting process takes lesser time to complete. It makes use of the system resource to its maximum and deliver the reports in efficient manner.

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