Revamped NTFS Suite to satisfy unique and custom specific Windows permission management needs

Vyapin’s NTFS Security Management Suite has been improved further with changes and addition of new features to cater to the ever changing NTFS permissions reporting and management needs of system administrators.

NTFS Security Auditor

Shares Folders and Files Report

The Standard Reports from the previous version has been replaced with Shares, Folders and Files Report. This is a more customized form of reporting allowing you to view reports on Shares, Folders and Files of your interest. Here’s a screenshot.

Shares, Folders and Files Report

Exceptions (DACL)

This is a new feature that allows you to view those objects that do not have permissions you have stated. This has been added to allow you to view what “other permissions” the shares folders and files have, that you may not be aware of. This has been added under the Power Search tab.

Here’s a screenshot showing how you can select the permission to skip.

select the permission to skip

NTFS Security Auditor

A new feature called the Copy Account Permissions has been introduced in place of the Replace Permissions option as in the previous versions. Using this feature you can copy the permissions of one account to another within the same folder tree. You can copy permissions to either the selected account or to multiple accounts as a bulk copy operation. Here’s a screenshot showing how you can do this.

Copy Account Permissions

You can try out these steps and more by downloading the tool from –