SharePoint Farm Reporter

Vyapin’s Admin Report Kit for SharePoint 2010 (ARKSP 2010) now takes a new form as ‘SharePoint Farm Reporter’

SharePoint Farm Reporter is designed to be a comprehensive reporting solution for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 collaboration platform. SharePoint Farm Reporter presents insights into events and activities that take place in SharePoint farms on a day-to-day basis. The solution will assist SharePoint Administrators, Site Administrators and Site Content Owners to take action with useful information about SharePoint farms.

With SharePoint Farm Reporter, you can analyze SharePoint 2010 farm events and activities from the audit, usage, security, policy, & configuration changes perspective.

Let us have a quick look at the new features and reports:

1) More than 90 out-of-the-box organized SharePoint reports across your server farm covers a wide variety of key business functions – configuration settings, content databases, content security, user & group permissions, policy administration, user activity & audit and aids in information management.
2) Complete lists of all the existing reports re-classified under five SharePoint Management categories
[Audit & Compliance, Security, Policy, Usage and Configuration reports] in a centralized application database as follows:
a) Audit and Compliance Reports: Addresses the internal audit and compliance needs such as HIPAA and SOX providing detailed information about the SharePoint farm activities (Who made changes, What Changes were made, Where & When).
Audit – Checked-In Items
Audit – Checked-Out Items
Audit – Copied Items
Audit – Deleted Lists
Audit – Deleted Sites
Audit – Group Member Changes
Audit – Item Actions
Audit – Page Visits
Audit – Permission Changes
Audit – Permission Level Changes
Audit – Profile Changed
Audit – Renamed Items
Audit – Restored Items
Audit – Search
Audit – Visited Items
Checked Out Documents (Library only)
Farm Features
Last Deleted Items
Last Modified Items
Newly Added Items
Sandboxed Solutions
Site Collection Features
Site Features
Web Application Features
Web Application User Permissions
b) Security Reports: Built-in Security Reports secures the SharePoint infrastructure by reporting on the configuration settings of SharePoint security and the permissions / rights granted for Users & Groups such as who has access to what on various objects at the Site collection, Site, List and List item levels.
tick Authentication Providers
tick List Folders Security
tick List Item Security
tick List Permissions
tick Site Collection Administrators
tick Site Group Settings
tick Site Permission Levels
tick Site Permissions
tick Site Security
c) Policy Reports: Policy reports indicates business, data & information policy settings configuration in the SharePoint farm thus enforcing internal business policies to control information management in SharePoint.
tick Blocked File Types
tick Regional Settings
tick Resource Throttling Settings
tick Self Service Site Management
tick SharePoint Designer Settings – Site Collection Level
tick SharePoint Designer Settings – Web Application Level
tick Site Collection Quotas and Locks
tick Web Application Use Confirmation and Deletion
d) Usage Reports: Usage Reports track, report & analyze the SharePoint farm usage by the User community.
tick Content Alerts
tick Content Databases
tick File Types
tick Invited Users – Feature Status
tick List Activity
tick List Columns
tick List Hits
tick List Hits – Monthly Usage
tick List Item Metadata
tick List Item Summary
tick List Views
tick List Visits
tick List Workflow Settings
tick List Workflow Status – Canceled
tick List Workflow Status – Completed
tick List Workflow Status – Error Occurred
tick List Workflow Status – Failed
tick List Workflow Status – In Progress
tick List Workflow Status – Not Started
tick Managed Metadata Collection
tick Page Hits
tick Page Hits – Monthly Usage
tick Page Visits
tick Recycle Bin Summary
tick Site Activity
tick Site Collection Summary
tick Site Hits Summary
tick Site Hits Summary – Monthly Usage
tick Site Summary
tick Site Visitors
tick Site Visitors – Monthly Usage
tick Version History
tick Web Application Summary
tick Web Pages
tick Web Parts Utilization
e) Configuration Reports: Configuration reports generate the SharePoint configuration parameters at Web application, Site Collection, Web and List levels for better control and performance.
tick Alternate Access Mappings
tick Alternate Access Mappings – External Resource
tick Data Retrieval Settings
tick List General Settings
tick List Templates
tick Site Collection Workflow Templates
tick Site Columns
tick Site Content Types
tick Site Settings
tick Site Workflows
tick Web Application E-Mail Settings
tick Web Application General Settings
tick Web Parts
3) Provision to customize report headers: Select the ‘Headers’ tab to view and edit the report sub-headers’ details as desired.

Figure #1:
Customize Report sub-headers

report settings

4) Maintain Quick Reports, Custom Reports, and Power Reports (including all report task instances) in one centralized application database.

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