SPListX latest version 3.0 released!

This is a significant release of SPListX, not only for us but also for our customers who have been waiting for some time to get these new features. I am sure it was worth the wait for them, because we made sure we addressed all of the important features that will make this an important component in our solution suite for SharePoint List management, List Migration, SharePoint List Backup & Restore and List Synchronization requirements.

You can now backup / export all the list items along with their metadata to a file server or local computer using SPListX and reimport them using DocKIT or SPListM depending on the SharePoint list type. You can also synchronize your SharePoint list contents with your file system using SPListX.

In fact, the entire combo of DocKIT, SPListM and SPListX is a powerful tool chest that all SharePoint managers and administrators would love to have. All the 3 tools are a must for any organization that has a serialized process for moving documents and other list items in and out of SharePoint using networked file shares.

And ofcourse, the best part about all the 3 products is their ability to retain the salient list item / document properties – Created Date/Time, Modified Date/Time, Created By and Modified By when working in and out of SharePoint (both MOSS and WSS).

What’s new in SPListX 3.0?

  • SPListX latest version supports all SharePoint list types such as Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, Survey, Discussion Boards, Announcements, Links, Issue Tracking and Custom Lists in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0).
  • Export SharePoint lists based on user-defined export conditions
  • Enhancements to the GUI


  • Export folders & documents and metadata to the file system
  • Export SharePoint lists to the file system using a batch descriptor file
  • Automate Tasks using the Tasks Manager
  • Export SharePoint Columns, including system columns such as Created, Modified, Approval Status, etc. SPListX exports metadata into CSV, XLS, MDB and XML file formats.
  • Export document / list item versions
  • Export folder / document system dates to metadata file
  • Propagate folder / document system date fields – Created Date/Time and Modified Date/Time to NTFS

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