SPListX – New export options introduced in v7.6

New folder hierarchy in target location

The latest version of the SharePoint export / archive solution – SPListX for SharePoint v7.6 offers an option to export List / Library contents to the file share in a new folder hierarchy completely different from the original folder hierarchy of source SharePoint. This feature has been introduced to cater to specific needs of customers who may require Items / Documents to be exported to destination folders, different from the way they exist in source SharePoint.

The newly created destination file share folders are named using values in the specified SharePoint column. If the source SharePoint Library / List has several folders, then the original folder hierarchy is discarded during export. Instead the files are saved in separate sub-folders bearing names taken from the values found in the specified list / library column.


Here is a sample Library containing folders as well as files with a couple of the files not having values assigned in the column “Title”. In such a scenario, the contents are transferred to a folder titled Blank at the destination.


As seen in the next image, the original hierarchy is discarded to create individual folders named with values taken from the column Title.


Document packaging option

The file compression option during the export process has an added feature – File attachments.


This option stores each list item’s attachment(s) individually as a compressed file in folders named according to their list items.

To get the advantage of the latest additions to SPListX for SharePoint, download it from – https://www.vyapin.com/download/splistx