SPListX v5.x supports SharePoint Online

We have released a new major version (v5.0) of SPListX software with the notion of keeping pace with the growing IT trends of Microsoft. This new version now supports Microsoft SharePoint online in Office 365. Also, we have included one more benefit of exporting the SharePoint list items/libraries using SharePoint Views.

splistx overview

SPListX’s add on benefit for SharePoint Online

Vyapin’s new version of SPListX software adds on to your benefits of cloud service (SharePoint Online). You can now export SharePoint list items from your SharePoint Online to the local file shares just as before by just one mouse click.

Screen Shot #1:

sharepoint url and credentials

SharePoint Views feature

Unlike the earlier versions, you have now provisions to exclusively export the list items / documents by specifying the SharePoint Views to export to the local file shares.

Screen Shot #2:

list view options

You have options to export list items from either “All” or “Default” or “Specific” custom views based on the export requirements.

Screen Shot #3:

If you are interested in exploring these new features, please follow the link below to download a 30-day trial version of SPListX software.