How to view the list of Nested Groups that are forming a loop in an AD Domain?

Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) supports the concept of nesting groups, or adding groups to other groups. Nesting groups can help to reduce the number of permissions that has to be given to key individuals, or to vital groups. Effectively nesting groups in a multi domain environment reduces the network traffic between the domains […]

How to Get Last Logon date and time of Computers?

Last-Logon attribute is one of the non-replicated attributes in Active Directory Domain Services, which means that each domain controller in a domain holds its own copy of the attribute, likely with different values. Similarly each Domain Controller in a domain stores different values as computers’ Last-Logon date and time. To access the latest logon time […]

How to Export SharePoint List items and documents using SharePoint Search?

Organizations are looking into ways to increase workforce productivity and particularly in the context of ‘flexible work hours’ and ‘work from home’ practices, access to information anytime and anywhere is the need of the hour. Information must be available for employees working ‘offline’ to work and collaborate. Exporting SharePoint document library contents, list items and […]

Addressing SharePoint List Management issues with SPListM

Businesses process and share enormous information today, thanks to SharePoint collaborative environment in which most of them operate. It is no simple task to make information available in the collaborative environment by importing them to SharePoint Lists from various external information sources. SPListM, our list management solution makes it extremely easy for the user to […]

How to Import Created By, Modified By, Created Date, Modified Date fields of folders and files to SharePoint?

Two of the most common questions from our customers while migrating documents to SharePoint libraries are the following: 1. Can DocKIT import Created Date and Last Modified Date fields of files in file system? 2. Can DocKIT import Created By and Modified By fields of folders and/or files to SharePoint? Let us answer the questions: Can DocKIT import […]