Migration Mission Accomplished with Vyapin’s DocKIT

It was all now or nothing for a regulator handling financial services during a crucial weekend. It was time to put into action months of migration planning. It involved moving 8 million documents or 4 TBs of data from the existing Open Text system to their new SharePoint environment. It all came down to 48 hours of accurate and speedy migration. The challenge was taken up by Open Docs which chose Vyapin’s DocKIT Migrator to carry out the task. And it did, with the help of DocKIT.

About the client

A financial regulator supervises and conducts the operations of the country’s financial sector. It’s responsible for the stability of the country’s financial market and its efficient operation. To maintain confidence in the capital markets, both at home and abroad, it has to continually apply checks and balances. Working at these levels requires a high level of transparency in the operation as well as reliability. This involves managing stakeholder relationships and the related documentation as well as, communication. The regulator is held responsible for any financial changes and must adapt to the changes in the sector. Any break would spell disaster in the markets.

The challenge

With such a high level of responsibility coupled with the expectation of the public, the regulator felt a need to overhaul its Document Management System (DMS). It required a robust, transparent and more sophisticated solution to maintain the trust of the industry and the people.

Bringing in the experts

At this crucial junction, the regulator reached out to Open Docs, a professional consultant with the experience and expertise required to put in place such a system. Open Docs used its expertise in leveraging Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration platform to manage the complex and high volume of information involved. They sought to –

  • fully understand the regulator’s business requirements;
  • create a reliable solution through SharePoint that was aligned to maintaining the trust and transparency of the system;
  • migrate the client from a system that was built to cater to legislative requirements, to a much larger more capable system that held stakeholder relationships in focus.

Through the years Open Docs has earned a reputation as a reliable partner in information management projects. Apart from its expertise in Open Text, it also has considerable capability with SharePoint and K2.

Since financial markets are always active, redesigning the clients’ DMS was simply not an option. The solution needed to be quick and consistent in migrating the large volume of information involved.

8 Million Documents / 4 TB of data

For Open Docs, the first part of the challenge was migrating the huge volume of data from the client’s existing Open Text to the new SharePoint platform.

The second part of the challenge was ensuring accurate mapping of document and metadata between the legacy Open Text and the new environment in SharePoint.

The third part of the challenge was finishing up the migration within the weekend; in 48 hours. There would be no second chance and there should not arise a need for one.

Its choice of solution: Vyapin’s DocKIT for SharePoint

For such a challenging migration, Open Docs opted to use Vyapin’s DocKIT for SharePoint to help them in the hour of need. The reason – the need for a highly evolved solution that could handle a large volume of data accurately. The other was the need for a quick to learn and easy to use tool that could be used in the given short period. And lastly, the price of the tool had to fit within the allocated budget for the task.

Open Docs picked DocKIT for SharePoint after a careful evaluation of the tools available in the market.

Templates based migration simplifies the tasks

With a template driven File Share to SharePoint migration solution, that ranges from mapping columns to taking care of file names, DocKIT was well placed to meet Open Docs’ migration challenges. The templates allowed Open Doc to run up to 25 migration tasks in parallel. Around 500 batches were used overall to migrate the huge volume in need based migration tasks. This load bearing capacity of DocKIT helped Open Docs complete the planned migration in the allotted time span of around 48 hours spread over the weekend.

No Limits Migration

The real value of using DocKIT was realized with its ability to migrate data to multiple site collections. Unlike many migration tools, DocKIT does not limit the scope of migration in volume and the site collections to which this is migrated to. This came in handy to Open Docs as the relationship based architecture of the client’s new SharePoint required that a document could be needed in multiple Site Collections.


The smooth and swift migration of large data once again established several of the projected benefits:

  • The mapping templates ensured accurate migration.
  • Millions of document could be migrated in specific time span helping the organization complete migration with the minimum downtime. Which in this case was a weekend; the regulator was able to resume work without hitches on Monday.
  • Easy to use and flexibility allowed the migration team to remain focused on accurate migration, rather than learn and adapt to a new technology.
  • The price was just right. No limits were imposed on the volume of migration due to price. The cost of migration remained within the allocated budget for the process. This fit Open Docs’ need to be a reliable service provider and deliver value for investment.

The combined efforts of a well experienced knowledgeable partner like Open Docs and DocKIT went on to overcome the challenge of high volume migration that concerned the financial regulator.

If you have a similar need, or are just curious to evaluate the potential of DocKIT for SharePoint, download a trial today from – https://www.vyapin.com/download/dockit