Email Response Time Report for Office 365

Mail Response time by users is a very important metric used by organizations to measure the speed of response to mails received from external users, say customers, prospects etc. The response time determines how well support teams, sales and marketing teams work to acquire customers and manage their expectations. Employee performance is usually measured by mail response time tracking methods that generate reports on how soon a mail was responded to, why a mail was not responded to, pending mails awaiting response etc.

The following mails provide a variety of email response time reports by running through mail Conversations of users.

Mailbox Response Time Report

A Response Time Summary report for each conversation such as which user responded first and last, shortest time to respond, longest time to respond, who sent the mail, when the mail arrived along with other information are displayed with options to drill down to the actual details of each mail.

Distribution Group Response Time Report

This report shows the response time of each mailitem of the selected distribution group’s members. Other information like Sender of the first mail, Datetime of the first mail, Sender of the last mail, Datetime of the last mail, Number of mails sent by the sender, Number of mails without responses, First Response DateTime, Last Response DateTime, Longest mail response time, Shortest mail response time, Total duration of conversation are also shown in this report.

Conversation Search Report

This report gets the mailitem of the selected mailbox based on the given input. Other information like Display Name, Mail Address, Subject, Folder Name, Folder Path, Recent Activity Date are also displayed in this report.

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