Office 365 License Reports

Office 365 license reporting and management is an important and time-consuming task for administrators. The main reason is that Office 365 licenses are always assigned to end users and there is no way of reporting them in batches or groups. Therefore administrators need to resort to third-party applications that can provision licenses and then allow administrators to report and manage Office 365 user licenses in bulk. Given the cost cutting trends prevailing in many organizations, CIOs and IS managers often purchase licenses in the most optimal way possible only on a need basis for users. In many cases Office 365 licensed users reporting and management becomes more complex if licenses are recycled and reused based on users leaving the organization or changing roles. Office 365 user License deprovisioning and reassignment must happen as soon user licenses free up due to various reasons. Line managers are usually given the responsibility to inform administrators of change in status of users under them.

Office 365 offers a number of different plans that carry different types of licenses that may be assigned to users. Broadly Office 365 licenses fall under Office 365 Applications and Office 365 Services. For example, the Enterprise E1 plan Office 365 Business Premium offers applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and so on and offers services such as Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Given the variety of ways in which such licenses can be purchased and assigned as per the needs of users, administrators need to monitor and generate reports on office 365 license usage by each and every user and get a complete break up of licenses that have been assigned to them. Reporting license usage in multiple dimensions is a very sought after feature by administrators. For example, a single comprehensive license report containing a matrix of users and licenses with checkbox in each cell is one of the most effective ways of analyzing licenses for different categories of users. Reporting licenses by Groups, departments, user roles and so on gives insights at an organization level that can be used in capacity planning and analyzing growth of user licenses across the organization. At any given time, administrators must know the licenses granted to a user and verify if they are entitled to these licenses or if they are remaining under-utilized. When reporting at the level of departments and groups, administrators must be able to review user licenses in bulk based on their group membership. Selecting users by their attributes, say by their Management role or position, and summarizing all usage by roles or attributes may throw interesting insights on license usage patterns across the organization.

In a nutshell, Office 365 license reporting and management is a very challenging and rewarding task that can assist in cutting down costs for the organization. Administrators will do well to use applications like Vyapin Office 365 Reports and Office 365 Manager for License Reporting and Management.

The following are the set of Office 365 License Reports available in Vyapin Office 365 User Reporting tool:

Office 365 License Details by Organization/Tenant

This report shows the list of organization license information. Other information like Account name, Account id, Active units, Consumed units, Locked out unit, Service name, Service type, Service status, Part number, Suspended units, Warning units are also displayed in this report.

Office 365 License Details by Users and Groups

This report shows the full details of users license information. Other information like Display name, First name, Last name, E-mail address, Blackberry user, Licensed, Service name, Service type, Service status, Usage location can also be viewed.

Office 365 User Details by License Services and Applications

This report shows the list of license assignments with corresponding users. Other information like Service name, Display name, First name, Last name, E-mail address, Blackberry user, Licensed, Service type, Service status, Usage location are also shown in this report..

Office 365 License Used and Unused Report

Assigning and removing Office 365 licenses is a routine activity in many organizations. This report gives you the actual Assigned License Count under each service type. Knowing how many are actually assigned and how many have been purchased can help you with better license utilization.

Detailed Office 365 License Report – Office 365 Licenses and Users Report in Matrix Format

This report shows the list of licenses assigned for each user in an easy to view matrix format.

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