Office 365 Resource Mailbox Reports

General Information on Resources Mailboxes

This report shows the general information about the list of resource mailboxes available in the tenant. Other information like Mailbox name, E-mail address, Automate processing, Allow conflicts, Booking window, Maximum duration, Allow repeating meetings, Schedule only during work hours, Add organizer to subject, Delete non-calendar items, and Delegates are also shown.

Resource Mailbox Usage

Shows details about list of events scheduled on a resource mailbox and their usage. Other information like Mailbox name, E-mail address, Subject, Organizer, Created Date, Start Date, End Date, Duration (in Hours), Location, Required Attendees, Optional Attendees, Is Reminder Set, Reminder Date, and Recurring are also shown.

Top 10 Users by mailbox usage

Shows the list of users, who are using the resource mailboxes, the most. Other information like Display Name, E-mail Address, and Total Count are also shown.

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