Site Administration Activity Reports for Office 365

Recently Added Users/Groups

This report shows the list of users and groups who were added recently. Other information like User’s First Name, Company name, Designation, Department, City are also shown in this report.

Report about Users/Groups added Recently in Office 365

SharePoint Online Modified Site Permissions Report

Modified Site Permissions Report

Displays the list of site permissions that have been changed recently in your SharePoint sites and other details like when the permission was changed, by whom and what permission has been changed.

Recently Created / Deleted / Updated Group

This report shows information about the list of groups that are created / deleted / updated recently in your SharePoint Online environment with related audit information.

Recently Added Site Collection Admin Access

This report provides the information about the list users added as a site collection administrators in your SharePoint Online environment.

Recently Created Site Collection

This report gives you the information about the list of site collections created recently.