ARK for Active Directory

Active Directory Reporting Tool: Advanced auditing solution with customizable AD reports on security, administration & management

Generating complex Active Directory Reports just got easier for your Active Directory Auditing and Reporting needs. All you need is Vyapin’s Active Directory reporting tool ARK for Active Directory (ARKAD) for the Microsoft Active Directory Enterprise.

  • Customized Active Directory Reports

    • Document your entire AD infrastructure
    • Perform a complete AD security audit
    • Powerful search queries to understand object permisiions and access rights
    • Report on delegated tasks connected with various organization units
    Audit & Report Your Active Directory Security
  • Get powerful insights about your AD

    • Summary and detailed information based on "frequently of occurrence (Counts)"
    • Create your own custom Quries. Useful for quick and repeated use
    Know your Active Directory Environment
    • I think that the Admin Report kit is a great utility. AS an administrator, I have to generate reports on user and group accounts and provide information on resources within our multi-domain environment. The Admin Report Kit generates the information I need very quickly and in a well-organized format. The product is very easy to use. I give this a definite two thumbs!!

    Amtrak, USA

    • I am very happy with ARK. I have used it for several administration functions, including reviewing our user list and groups.

    Senior Network Administrator, S & R Equipment Co., Inc., USA
    What customers say about ARKAD?

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Why We Need Active Directory Reporting Tool

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Benefits of using Vyapin’s solution for Reporting Active Directory