Active Directory Change Tracker

Features of Active Directory Auditing and Reporting Software

Active Directory Configuration Report

Configure your Domain Controller connections, SQL server settings, Data collection settings and Email notification settings using a Wizard.

Get Active Directory Change History reports for different timestamps

Active Directory Change Report by Timestamp

Reports display the list of available timestamps of Change History starting from the most recent timestamp. Timestamps are neatly organized in Day, month, and year categories. Generate reports on the most recent changes or changes that happened between two time periods (for example, all changes that happened last month).

Active Directory Events Report

Events Reports is a powerful feature that enables the User to report Events data for AD object changes (created, modified and deleted objects), User logon/logoff activities, Password changes and Terminal Services activities (User disconnected and re-connected to the session). This feature is powered by ADCT Listener Service application.

A powerful Free-text search filter allows you to generate the events reports based on keywords. For example, report the User logon/logoff activities of a particular user in the last 30 days.

Real time email alerts about change event in Domain controller’s security

Alert AD Changes in Real Time

Real time alerts through email – powered by the multi-tasking background listener (ADCT Listener Service). Enables notification of a change event in Domain controller’s security event log in real time.

Fast data collection and storage of change events using asynchronous, multi-threaded data collection from multiple domain controllers.

Search AD Changes Using Filters

The powerful search tool lets you select the time period, the change type (Created, Deleted, and Modified), OUs or containers. A powerful Free-text search filter allows you to extract changes based on keywords. For example, extract all changes made to a particular user in the month of January.

Select Particular changes based on time period, the change type, OUs or containers

Select the event IDs for the selected date range and domains

Search AD Events Based on Event ID

The powerful search tool lets you select the event IDs for the selected date range and domains. For example, extract all the ‘4662’ event IDs in the events history database that occurred in the month of March.

Get Specific Changes in AD Using Quick Filter

Quickly filter data based on search strings and dates. Wildcard characters may be applied. For example, all rows of change data pertaining to “Administrators” may be filtered by a simple string filter “*admin*” across all fields or a single field. A simple string filter using “Full Control” as the search string will display all objects that had some change related to the “Full Control” permission.

Filter AD Reports Using Complex Filter Conditions

Advanced Filter tool in Events Reports allows you to filter the report based on complex filter conditions. Advanced Filter allows the User to perform advanced query based filtering using Field names and their values and save the filter configuration for future use. Selecting and applying a saved filter will apply the filter and directly produce the desired subset of data.

For example, all rows of User change data pertaining to ‘Property Name’ field can be filtered by compound filter (([Property Name]=’Telephone number’) or ([Property Name]=’city’)).

Find all Occurrences of String in AD Reports

A simple string-based Find operation highlights all cells containing the string. Especially useful in determining string occurrences and their frequencies in a large set of displayed data. For example, find all occurrences of a particular OU

Export AD Change reports to HTML/ CSV /XLSX

Flexible Export feature to export the Change reports to HTML/ CSV /XLSX file formats instantly or in a scheduled manner.

Instant Email notification about Changes in AD

Instantly notify changes to different groups of users as soon as changes are detected.

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