Dockit 365 Archiver

Content Archiving Features for SharePoint Online and On-Premises

Intuitive UI

Easily setup an archive job using simple drag-n-drop operations.

Setup Office 365 archiving task using drag & drop options

Archive documents from SharePoint Online in bulk quickly

Fast archive

Archive large libraries or thousands of documents along with metadata from SharePoint Online to network file shares quickly and efficiently.

Archive user documents from OneDrive for Business sites

Archive documents in bulk from users’ OneDrive sites to separate folders locations in file shares.

Archive Office 365 Documents from OneDrive for Business

Archive Office 365 documents based on conditions

Conditional archive

Archive documents based on conditions such as relevance, number of versions, document ownership, library / document inactivity and so on.

Mark Read-only or Delete

Make archived documents as read-only or completely delete them from SharePoint and comply with organization’s SharePoint archive strategy.

Keep archived Office 365 documents as read-only or delete them

Automate all your Office 365 Archiving activities

Automate archive jobs

Schedule your archive job to commence at off-peak time or run them at scheduled intervals.

Export folders, documents and metadata

Export folders and files along with metadata and list items including file attachments from multiple SharePoint lists to Windows File System in a single export task. The user can export granular-level folders/files/list data using Dockit Explorer interface, which displays the contents in a standard tree view or List View mode.

Export folders, documents and metadata

Export SharePoint metadata and permissions

Export SharePoint metadata and permissions

Exports all SharePoint metadata (column values) and permissions available in the SharePoint library / list, including SharePoint maintained columns such as Created, Modified, Approval Status, etc. Export metadata in Microsoft Excel (XLSX), CSV and XML formats.

Export document versions

Dockit Archiver exports multiple document versions (version history) residing in the source SharePoint library. Dockit Archiver exports document version history to well organized user-defined version folders in the destination location. Dockit Archiver also stores the SharePoint list data version history in the metadata file in Windows File System. The list item’s file attachments can also be exported to the desired folder location in the Windows File System.

Export document versions