NTFS permissions management on Windows File Servers made easy!

NTFS Security Manager – a powerful NTFS permissions management tool to secure your Shares, Folders and Files on windows servers and workstations across your entire network.

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  • Manage NTFS Permissions on Windows

    • Grant, revoke, modify and copy NTFS permissions across servers and workstations in multiple domains
    • Clean up unwanted Account permissions
    • Review all permission changes made for any time period using the Change History feature
    • Schedule grant and revoke of permissions to manage term-based/temporary access rights to folders and files
    Windows File Server Permission Management

Why use Vyapin NTFS Security Management Software?

  • NTFS Security Manager helps to manage the security of your Windows File servers by allowing you to grant, revoke, modify and copy NTFS permissions for users and groups across your organization by using the built-in rules for assigning permissions.
  • Protect your unstructured data across file servers by removing unwanted permissions and allowing access to only authorized accounts to your confidential folders and files.
  • The Apply and Revoke Central access policy feature allows administrators to centrally manage access to shares and folders across servers and workstations in a domain.

Highlights of NTFS Security Management Tool

Advantages of using Vyapin NTFS Security Manager

  • No agent installation. Manage NTFS permissions from the same workstation/server where NTFS Security Manager is installed.
  • Manage Account permissions in bulk using templates. Setup role-based templates for frequent use while granting and revoking permissions. Especially useful to control permissions on different groups of Accounts and File servers. You can setup templates to grant or revoke access based on organization roles. For example, you can setup a Helpdesk template to grant only Read permissions to access Help documents and folders and setup a Owners template to give full control to producers of the Help documents.
  • Review all changes made to permissions using Change History
  • View and Export existing permissions prior to making changes
  • View permissions using the powerful permissions Modifier tool. Avoid the cumbersome way of using multiple clicks to view permissions. All ACE entries, both Basic and Advanced are displayed in the same window. Gives a complete view of who has what type of permissions for each folder in one single view.
  • Quickly add, remove, replace account permissions / Apply and Revoke central access policies without having to click through multiple steps using the native windows functionality.


  • Grant permissions for multiple Accounts to your Files, Folders, and Shares in your File servers using a rule-based assignment approach. Highly effective to control different types of access based on the different Organizational Roles for users and groups.
  • Replace existing NTFS permissions for multiple accounts with a completely new set of permissions, in a single operation.
  • Remove Accounts completely along with all associated permissions from the Files, Folders and Shares permissions list. Remove permissions clutter accumulated over a period of time.
  • Grant and Revoke Permissions may be scheduled at different intervals of time – daily, weekly and monthly etc.
  • Copy permissions from a selected share to multiple shares in your file servers using a rule-based assignment approach.
  • Copy permissions of an existing account and grant/copy the same permissions to one or more accounts on selected shared folder or files.
  • Identify and Remove explicitly assigned Account permissions.
  • Identify and Restore any broken inheritance from parent shares and folders.
  • Allow or Block inheritance from the parent Shares and Folders.
  • View and Modify permissions using the advanced GUI that displays all ACE entries, both Basic and Advanced, in a single elegant format. No more multiple clicks to view the basic and advanced permissions. Using NTFS Security Manager, you can see all Accounts and their permissions in a single view.
  • Modify permissions of Shares, Folders and Files by preserving the integrity of inherited permissions, that is, without affecting the inheritance from the parent object.
  • Assign explicit permissions for multiple accounts with the option to break or retain inheritance from the parent, following the standard windows behavior of Copy or Remove when inheritance is broken.
  • Apply selected central access policy from domain to multiple Files, Folders and Shares in a single operation to centrally manage shares in a domain.
  • Revoke central access policies from the Files, Folders and Shares. You can revoke central access policies from shares only if the selected central access policy applied on the selected shares.
  • Grant, Remove and Replace share permissions to multiple shares in your file servers using a rule-based assignment approach.

Take a tour Watch this video about the NTFS Security Manager to get a preview of its potential.