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Vyapin Office 365 Mail Analytics tool is the most advanced usage analysis solution for your Office 365 exchange online. The mail analytics tool generates a variety of reports and charts about Mail Volume, Mailbox Size, Mail Attachment, Mail Conversation and Provisioning Summary for your Office 365. Vyapin Mail Analytics reports helps you analyze your organization’s Office 365 Exchange and get deep insights on Usage, Growth and Performance.
Mail Traffic report displays the total count of Inbound and Outbound mail items categorized by Subject, Size, Keywords, Read and Unread Mails, Importance Mails for the selected Mailbox.
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Office 365 Usage Reporting – Important questions answered by Vyapin Office 365 Analytics Tool

Office 365 Mail Traffic Statistics Report

Mail Traffic report displays the total count of Inbound and Outbound mail items categorized by Subject, Size, Keywords, Read and Unread Mails, Importance Mails for the selected Mailbox.

Mail traffic can be analyzed for any specific time period (Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last Week, This Week, Last Month, This Month, Custom dates) and the reports can be summarized into different intervals of time – hour of day, day of week, day, week etc.

Important statistics such as total mail count can be viewed on Subject keywords, Body keywords, Size, Read/Unread mail count, Importance count on multiple mailboxes. You can also generate statistics for specific subject and Body keywords along with the mail Size information. For example, you can determine the mail volume distribution across different mail size ranges such as mails Less than 50KB, 50KB – 250KB, 250 – 500KB, 500KB – 1 MB, Greater than 1 MB etc.

Mail Size Reports

This report provides a summary based on the size of mail items and can be filtered for specific subjects or keywords for the selected Mailbox. This helps determine the storage requirements for mailboxes based on user roles in the organization.

Attachment based reports

This report displays the total volume of mail items based on attachments - Attachment mail by Subject, Attachment mail by File Name, Attachment mail by File Type and Attachment mail by File Size. This set of reports helps you easily identify the volume of mail items based on different categories of mail attachments. You can filter out the mail items based on attachment by file name, attachment by file size and attachment by file type like PDF files, Image files, Office files, ZIP files etc.

Provisioning Summary

Displays the chart view for the Office 365 Users, Groups, Distribution Groups, Security Groups, Mailbox, Shared Mailbox and Public Folders based on their Created dates. This report helps you get an insight into the rate of provisioning users, groups, mailbox and public folders based on their created dates within a specified date period (Last 7 days, Last Week, This Week, Last Month, This Month, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months and Custom dates) and the data can be summarized into different time intervals – day, week, day of week, month, year, month of year.

Office 365 email response time reports

Conversations are subject based mail items and the reports under Conversation are used to search for mails based on the mail subject/title and to find the response time to reply to mails. A detailed information on conversation such as when a first response was made, response time for each mail item within a conversation thread, details of the last response and other conversation attributes are found in Conversation reports. The reports related to conversation are:

Response Time Report for Mailboxes and Distribution Groups

This report details the response time of each individual mailbox's mail items with options to exclude or include weekends and holidays. A Response Time Summary for each conversation such as which user responded first and last, shortest time to respond, longest time to respond, who sent the mail, when the mail arrived along with other information are displayed with options to drill down to the actual details of each mail.

Conversation Search

This report is used to search for mail items based on subjects of the mails. You can perform extensive search based on subjects and keywords within mails and bring up conversations and associated mail items. This report will be very useful for content examination and analysis in project management and forensic investigation of emails.

Office 365 Analytics – A partial list of reports

  1. Mail Traffic Reports
    1. Inbound Mails
    2. Outbound Mails
    3. Total (Inbound and Outbound)
    4. Total Mail Count by Subject
    5. Total Mail Count by Size
    6. Total Mail Count by Keywords
    7. Read and Unread Mails
    8. Mail Importance
    9. Top Users by Mail Count
    10. Top Senders by Mail Count
    11. Top Receivers by Mail Count
    12. Top Senders to Groups by Mail Count
  2. Mail Size Reports
  3. Attachment Based Reports
    1. Mail Count by Attachment
    2. Attachment by Subject
    3. Attachment by File Name
    4. Attachment by File Type
    5. Attachment by File Size
  4. Conversation
    1. Response Time Report for Mailbox
    2. Response Time Report for Distribution Group
    3. Conversation Search
  5. Provisioning Summary
    1. Active Users by Created Date
    2. Groups by Created Date
    3. Distribution Groups by Created Date
    4. Security Groups by Created Date
    5. Mailbox by Created Date
    6. Shared Mailbox by Created Date
    7. Public Folders by Created Date
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