Virtual machines Reporting and Management

Auditing and Reporting Virtual Machines and Hosts across Network

Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite enables you to manage your Hyper-V based virtual machines from a central desktop application. The application allows you to audit and report Virtual machines and Hosts across your network. You can periodically check for VM sprawl (uncontrolled / unplanned growth of VMs) by discovering all the VMs in your network and identifying active, inactive and infrequently used VMs. You can then perform insightful actions to optimize and govern your VM infrastructure better.

  • Audit your VM infrastructure

    • Gather reports about Hyper V Hosts and VMs in your networks
    • Document and Analyze the entire configuration of your VMs and VM hosts
    • Identify and manage VM Sprawl - Identify inactive and under-utilized VMs and reuse / reallocate valuable VM resources
    Hyper V Hosts & VM Reporting Tool