Windows Server Auditing Tool – Get Security, Inventory, Permissions, Policy Reports & more…

ARK for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE) is a powerful Microsoft Windows Network audit and reporting solution. ARKWE reports about

  • Windows servers
  • Workstations
  • Software assets
  • NTFS Permissions
  • Users/groups
  • Policies
  • Events
  • Services
  • Installed applications
  • Shares
  • Permissions
  • Printers
  • Data sources
  • and more...

ARKWE also performs event log consolidation and software inventory tracking.

  • Windows reporting simplified

    • Comprehensive reporting tool for Administrators and Auditors
    • Get a bird's-eye view of your entire domain using Domain Summaries
    • Identify Security holes across your Windows servers and workstations
    An automated windows reporting tool
  • Audit Your Windows Server

    • User and Group Account information from your Active Directory
    • Gather complete SW and HW inventory information
    • NTFS permissions on Folder, Files and Shares from every domain covered under its reports
    • Analyze local security Policies
    Windows Server Auditing Tool

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Windows Server Reporting Tool - Highlights

ARKWE's basket of Built-in reports provide powerful, ready-to-use reports that assist in both Management reporting and Compliance reporting requirements such as SOX and HIPAA.

Windows Inventory Audit

Windows Security Audit

Windows Event Log Reporting Tool

Benefits of Windows Server Auditing & Reporting Solution