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Office 365 is fast turning out to be a single unified platform for productivity, communication and collaboration for the enterprise. Managing your Office 365 enterprise requires a completely different set of resources and tools from the ones used to manage your enterprise on premises. Provisioning and deprovisioning of licenses, mailboxes and users, managing user access rights and permissions and Auditing your entire Office 365 environment require a powerful set of tools within a single console. Vyapin Office 365 Management suite was designed and developed for the unique needs of managing the Office 365 cloud environment.

Now that you are on Office 365, do you have the same reporting tools and resources to manage your office 365 environment, gain insights and control everything like how it used to be in your on-premises infrastructure? If you feel a bit lost, you are not alone. You now need a completely new set of Office 365 exchange online reporting tools and analytics to maintain and control your entire set of Office 365 reporting services you have subscribed to.

First off, you need to get reports on how your Office 365 exchange online is being put to use. Remember that you are paying for all your office 365 licenses and their usage needs to be monitored and analyzed regularly to prevent office 365 usage costs from spiraling beyond control. The size and growth of your mailboxes need frequent attention. You will continue to feel the need for how exactly your users are using the Office 365 services that they have been granted access to.

Office 365 Dashboard Summary Reports in the ‘Reports’ module of the suite give you a complete bird’s eye view of everything happening in your Office 365. You can get Top users by mailbox size report, mail traffic report, mail count and so on. You can get a series of “Recent” reports about all recent activities in your Office 365 tenant such as Deleted users and groups, Password changes etc. A Summary report display important statistics on mailboxes, users, groups and so on.

Exchange online Mailbox reports gives you a variety of reports on mailbox details, mailbox permissions, folders, attachments, non-owner access and so on. You can get reports on mail items on individual mailboxes such as Read and unread mails, junk mail items, mail items based on importance etc. Several mailbox usage reports, such as the Mailbox Activity report and Statistics report, are also available for you to track mail usage in Office 365.

SharePoint online Security Reports give you the most relevant reports for your Office 365 SharePoint Online Audit and Compliance tracking. You can assess the security of your Sites in multiple dimensions, by analyzing effective permissions of users and groups or permissions by sites. You can determine group ownership and lists and sites with no securable objects. You can identify sites with limited access permissions.

OneDrive Reports give insights into security of Users One Drives. You can get which OneDrive users are sharing their folders / files with whom and understand the security implications of sharing their content. You can also get a report on users who are Site Collection Administrators of any particular OneDrive personal site.

You can document your entire inventory of Office SharePoint online sites and lists along with how your sites and lists are configured including templates, workflows, Content types, Columns etc.

Vyapin’s Office 365 Reporting Tool is a complete and powerful reporting solution to meet all the reporting needs of your Office 365 enterprise.

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