Office 365 Administration: Advanced, Automated Office 365 Management Software for O365 Admins

Managing Office 365, especially Users, Groups, Licenses, Distribution and Security Groups, Mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive personal sites efficiently and effortlessly is every O365 administrator’s wish. The reasons are multi-fold:

For efficient Office 365 Management, Automation is the key

Vyapin’s Office 365 Management solution lets you proactively manage your Office 365 environment with complete automation, auditing and reporting capabilities.

Some of the most important administrative tasks for automation in Office 365 Management are:

Automated and Manual Provisioning of Office 365 Users

No administrator would like to run through the native Office 365 Portal and start provisioning users in Office 365 without an element of automation. Powershell plays an important role in automating some aspects of User provisioning. However, for Administrators who don’t have the time or the skills accomplishing complete automation though PowerShell is a difficult proposition. A third-party tool like Vyapin Office 365 Management tool gives admins the complete framework to manage Office 365 end to end.

Office 365 License Management with Automation

The ability to Assign, remove or modify Office 365 licenses for multiple users or groups in an automated manner saves time and effort when provisioning or replacing users. For example, consider a scenario if you want to modify licenses for all the users who belong to the “Sales” department or for all the users who report to a particular Manager, or for the user accounts which were created the previous week or the previous day. Admins must be able to set up rules and templates for repeated use when assigning or removing licenses and maintain a history of all the modified licenses for audit purposes. In addition to these, a useful set of reports are required to gain insights in Office 365 license usage such as information on how the purchased licenses are distributed, what are the services assigned for each user, who have access to a particular service and so on.

Auditing Office 365 Activities

Office 365 Mailbox Permissions Reporting & Management

Mailbox permissions become a major cause of security breaches in Office 365 if mailbox owners give permissions to other users. Commonly shared mailboxes say, Sales or Support, often involve several teams of users accessing these mailboxes and performing their job functions. A regular monitoring and cleanup of mailbox permissions is a must from security stand point. Detailed reports generated automatically on permissions assigned on mailboxes, especially the permissions assigned for the users who are not the owner for the mailbox, must be reviewed to prevent internal security threats. Admins must have the ability to cleanup unwanted permissions. A good mailbox permissions management solution must have:

Managing Office 365 Users and Groups

Automation in managing Office 365 users and groups typically involves the following tasks:

Office 365 Reporting and Analytics

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