Unable to view Active Directory group members


SharePoint Farm Reporter does not show the members of AD groups (Or) Site Permissions report does not show AD group membership information.

Applies to: SharePoint Farm Reporter 4.x, 3.x


Most common reason for the missing AD information is ‘Directory Server Settings’ not configured in the application settings in the product.


SharePoint Farm Reporter uses Directory Server to retrieve Active Directory information like group membership and user information for certain reports. SharePoint Farm Reporter expects a Global Catalog Server as input to Directory Server and an user credential to connect to the directory server. SharePoint Farm Reporter will connect based on authentication mode and user credential to the specified Directory Server to retrieve AD information.

Perform the following steps to enter Directory Server name in SharePoint Farm Reporter in order to view AD group members:

a) Launch SharePoint Farm Reporter and click Tools -> SharePoint Farm Reporter Settings to go to SharePoint Farm Reporter Settings dialog.

b) Click Directory Server Settings in the left pane.

c) Enter the corresponding Global Catalog server (AD domain controller) name & a valid credential to connect to the server.

d) Save and close the SharePoint Farm Reporter settings dialog.


More Information: ‘Using SharePoint Farm Reporter–>SharePoint Farm Reporter Settings –>Directory Server Settings’ section in the help document.