Unable to view Page Visits information


I am unable to view the Page Visits and List Visits reports in Vyapin’s SharePoint Farm Reporter. What could be the reason?

SharePoint Farm Reporter v2.x and above


SharePoint Farm Reporter retrieves information from IIS log files for certain reports. This requires IIS logging to be enabled in the target web application(s) in IIS server and the IIS Log Files Directory to be configured in the SharePoint Farm Reporter Settings dialog to generate the report.

The reported problem is most likely to occur if these options are not configured properly.


In order to generate IIS log based reports, please ensure the following points:

  1. Enable Logging option (IIS Manager –> <Web Application> –> Logging –> Enable) in IIS is selected for the web application for which you are trying to generate report.
  2. Log Files Directories are specified in Tools –> SharePoint Farm Reporter Settings —> IIS Log Files Directory for each front-end web server in the SharePoint farm to process the IIS log file data.
  3. Custom and ODBC Logging is installed in the IIS (SharePoint front-end web) server in which you are running SharePoint Farm Reporter.

To enable Custom and ODBC logging:

    a. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools and click Server Manager.

    b. In the Server Manager hierarchy pane, expand “Roles” and click ‘Web Server (IIS)’.

    c. In the Web Server (IIS) pane, scroll to the “Role Services” section and then click “Add Role Services”.

    d. On the “Select Role Services” page of the ‘Add Role Services’ Wizard, check ‘Custom Logging’ and ‘ODBC Logging’ and click Next.

    e. On the Confirm Installation Selections page, click Install.

    f. On the Results page, click Close.

Applicable Reports:

SharePoint Farm Reporter 2.x and above Page Visits, List Visits
SharePoint Farm Reporter 4.4 and above Page Hits, Page Hits – Monthly Usage, Site Visitors, Site Visitors – Monthly Usage, Site Hits Summary, Site Hits Summary – Monthly Usage, List Hits, List Hits – Monthly Usage, Site Usage Summary


More Information

You can refer the following article for more information on how to enable logging in IIS: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/313437/how-to-enable-logging-in-internet-information-services-iis