Exchange Reporting: Automated Reports for Exchange Server
Visibility, Audit, Analytics, Security & Compliance

Vyapin Exchange Reports is the most advanced reporting & analytics solution for Microsoft Exchange Administration, Governance & Office 365 migration Planning.

Vyapin Exchange Server Reporting and Analytics software is a must-have tool for administrators to audit and report on Exchange Server’s Mailboxes, Public Folders, Usage, Security and Server configuration.

The software allows you to audit, track and analyze your Exchange Server & Active Directory network.
  • Audit & Report Exchange Server

    • Audit and document your Exchange servers
    • Report on your Mailbox sizes and configuration, Folders, Groups, Policies, Mail transactions and statistics
    • Analyze Permissions using Security reports
    • Audit all versions of Exchange servers
    Get Visibility of Exchange Server Security
  • Automated Exchange Server Reports

    • Mailbox and Server Traffice Reports
    • Send mails, Received mails, Read mails, Unread mails and more
    • Graphical charts that summarize Traffic statistics
    Advance Exchange Server Reporting Software

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Why use Vyapin Exchange Reporting & Analytics solution?

Exchange Reporting Tool for Exchange 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 - Highlights

  1. Offers various categories of Reports

    Mailbox Reports, Mail User Reports, Distribution Groups Reports, Mail Contact Reports, Public Folder Reports, Organization Reports, Server Reports, Policy Reports, Protocol Reports, Connector Reports, Information Store Reports, Mail Item Reports.

  2. Mail Status Updates

    Provides in-depth data about Sender Mails, Recipient Mails, Distribution Groups/Lists across Exchange mail Users in the Exchange organization.

  3. Graphical Representation of Reports

    Provides graphical (2D/3D chart) reports of mail traffic from mailboxes / distribution groups.

  4. Mail Transaction Details

    Reports bring out critical details about mail transactions.

  5. Supports Exchange Server versions

    Covers Exchange Server 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

Benefits of using Vyapin’s tool for Reporting Exchange Server